Many jobs & licenses require fingerprints be taken for background checks or other identification purposes. We're proud to be Ketchikan's top fingerprint service provider. Appointments take about 10 minutes to complete & are scheduled for Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

call us at (907)220-1914 to schedulE

 Please check beforehand with the entity requiring fingerprints as to how many cards they are requesting, this will vary per company/process.

-Pricing -

1-2 Cards = $20.00 +tax

3 Cards = $30.00 +tax

4 Cards = $40.00 +tax

Payment is accepted via cash or card, and collected upon service. 

The card used in these cases is form No. FD-258. This is the standard FBI fingerprint card, used by  many agencies for noncriminal fingerprinting such as for employment clearances and immigration purposes.

We have plenty of 258's here and they are included with every service, however if you were given specific cards from the requesting company, feel free to bring those in to use instead. They are more than likely the same form, but companies will in some cases pre-stamp their info in the employer section of the form.

-Appointment info-

What to bring: An official government issued ID is required, such as a State Drivers License or Passport.

If getting fingerprints for PeaceHealth direct billing, you must bring the authorization form, provided to you by them, with you at the time of service.

Please moisturize your hands well the night before your appointment. This helps bring out the ridge detail in your fingerprints, especially for those who wash/sanitize frequently or have an occupation that is rough on the hands.

"I just did my fingerprints (x) ago, why do i need to redo them?"

Contrary to popular belief your fingerprints change over time as you develop scars that change your print ridges.

For background checks requiring fingerprints, the prints are cross referenced with stored criminal fingerprint databases to ensure you are not wanted for any crimes. After clearing the check, because FD-258's are non-criminal cards they are usually discarded after use and not stored in any database. This is why for each occasion (such as license renewal) a new set of fingerprints may be requested.