All of our artists charge an hourly rate for tattooing services unless otherwise formerly agreed upon with client. The factors that effect how many hours your tattoo will take include, size, placement, & intricacy, as well as the rate your skin takes ink. 

Shop Minimum - $50

In-house Artists - $100-$150/hour

Apprentice Rates - $50/hour

*Traveling Artists - rates may vary.

Since there are so many variables when it comes to how long each specific tattoo will take, larger or custom pieces can be difficult to estimate. If you are trying to work within a budget please tell your artist and so they can discuss options with you (like breaking the piece up in sessions) and/or be able to draw your piece up with the mentioned budget in mind. 


Deposits are required to book an appointment. These can be paid over the phone with a credit card, or cash/credit/debit in person at the time of scheduling.

Deposits placed go towards your appointment time on the day scheduled, and are deducted from the final price of your tattoo. 

Our standard tattoo deposit amount is $50,

or $100 for full day bookings. 

Deposits are required to hold the space of your appointment and are non-refundable.


Appointments may be rescheduled if given two business weeks notice. A $25 rescheduling fee will apply. If under 2 weeks notice is given, a $50 fee will apply and you will be asked to put down a new deposit.

For no-shows ,cancellations or multiple reschedules, the tattooist is not required to re-book your appointment. 

For appointment no-shows, where adequate notice is not given to your artist or given at all, any deposits are forfeited by the client & non-refundable.

We do not allow pre-payment over the amount of the deposit. 

Custom ArtworK

Any custom artwork made for clients at Alaska Ink, must be completed in the studio by our staff or the original artist themselves. Should you decide not to get the tattoo but have already obtained/reviewed a copy of the artwork, it is protected by copyrights & you may not use that artwork to get the tattoo applied by a different artist or body art establishment.  However, privately through your artist you may be able to purchase your art , allowing you rights to receive copies and permission from them to get the tattoo applied elsewhere. 

Any custom artwork  created in the case of a no show or cancellation, unless agreed upon otherwise through purchase remains the intellectual property of the artist, and they can chose what to do with it, including but not limited to offering the artwork up to other clients.