1. Why Go Local? is it More Expensive?

2. How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

3. Do You Take Walk-Ins? 

4. Do you do piercings?

5.Do you do finger/hand/wedding ring tattoos? + Feet?

 6. What excludes someone  from getting tattooed?

7. Do you allow children in the shop? 

8. Are there tattoos you will not do?  

 9. How should I prepare for my Appointment? 

10. Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist? 

11. Can I bring in my loved ones ashes to be put into my tattoo?

1. Why Go Local? is it More Expensive?   

We hear this one a lot, however it could not be farther from the truth! We are a small town business, who's majority of clients are repeat customers, & we love to treat our locals right!  

This chart shows some national averages for tattooing rates:

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.22.30 AM.png


Our Apprentice rates are $50-80/hr & our Established Artists are $100-$150/hour. We love to pass the savings on to our wonderful clients, without sacrificing the quality of your tattoo or experience.

We welcome you to shop around, however we believe you won't find a better experience or bang for your buck. Remember the saying "Good tattoos aren't cheap & cheap tattoos aren't good.". This is true in most cases in this industry, so be wary if solely bargain hunting for tattoos, since they'll be on your skin for the rest of your life, we recommend going quality over quantity.

2. How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

In the state of Alaska, you must be 18 years or older to get tattooed. There are NO minor consent exceptions allowed by state law. 

You will be asked to provide a valid I.D. proving you are over 18 for any tattoo appointment.

3. Do You Take Walk-Ins?

We love to take walk-ins when we have time available, but most of the time we are booked up due to high demand. It is easiest to book an appointment to ensure availability.  

When we do have time for walk-ins, look for our green "Vacancy" sign to be on in the shop window. Occasionally we will have 'Walk-In Days' that are first come first serve and announced via our socials like Facebook & Instagram.

If you were unable to book a tattoo during your certain availability, ask us to put you on the on-call list for those days, if an artist gets a no-show or cancellation, we can call you and ask if you would like to take their booking slot. 

4. Do you do piercings?  

At this time we do not have an in-house piercer, so we are not offering piercings.  However we do sell professional piercing kits, that come with everything you need to properly do simple piercings yourself. These are available in store for $12 + tax. They do not include jewelry but we offer Ketchikan's largest selection of quality body jewelry and are happy to assist you in finding the right fit for your initial piercing. 

                   We currently have a lucrative position opening for a full time licensed piercer.

5. Do you do finger/hand/wedding ring tattoos? + Feet 

While some of our artists will do these, it is important that the client knows & understand the reasonable expectations for tattoos on hands & feet. 

We ask that every potential client research hand tattoos & fading before deciding whether or not you are accepting the unique circumstances that come along with hand/foot tattoos. We ask that you understand the maintenance required to achieve the highest quality possible and maintain that quality over the lifetime of the tattoo. 

Because of  common circumstances like (fading, ink rejection & migration)with the thin skin in these areas, hand & foot tattoos are not guaranteed therefore touchups are not included free after your tattoo heals. 

When we do these tattoos we are more than happy to touchup and help you maintain your tattoo, however rework time is charged. 

All other hand/foot tattoos & Touchups = Artists Regular Hourly Rate

We usually recommend a minimum of 2 sessions of  (at least 30 days apart) initially to get tattoos in these places to stick. Once the tattoo is fully healed with desired results, we recommend maintenance touchups as needed. This will depend on the area of the body & how hard you are on the tattoo, usually about every 2-8 years.

Wedding Ring Initial = $50-$100 (Artists Regular Hourly Rate) Top side only, no complete wraps arounds. 

Wedding Ring Touchups = $20 to $60

6. What excludes someone  from getting tattooed?

*Our artists & staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

 We cannot & will not tattoo you for the following circumstances,

If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pregnant, pre-surgery or post-surgery.

You are under 18 or you cannot provide an ID for age verification.

Sun burnt skin should not be tattooed, if you tan, please let your skin rest and heal for at least 1 week prior to your appointment.

For the health and safety of all our staff and clients, we are unable to perform tattoos on any person with a communicable disease, especially concerning blood and skin transferable diseases. 

Persons with unprofessionally done "home" tattoos, concerning/unknown skin disorders, or evident former drug use may be asked by their artist to provide a doctors note for artist/client safety & tattoo quality.

If you have any questions about the information above, our artists are always available to privately discuss any questions or concerns - client confidentiality is highly respected.

7. Do you allow children in the shop? 

Minors are allowed in the lobby/waiting area of the shop but are not allowed back into the procedure areas. While we are family friendly and do not mind minors in the lobby for browsing, scheduling, or fingerprint services, please do not bring your children with you to your tattoo appointment as they can not come into the back with you, and cannot stay in the lobby unattended.

 Please be aware we do not monitor/guarantee any of our media(art,music,tv etc.) to be child friendly.

8. Are there tattoos you will not do?    

Our tattooists have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Tattoos we will not do at Alaska Ink include but are not limited to, gang or hate related tattoos, face tattoos and for most artists, neck, hand, and inner lip tattoos. 

9. How should I prepare for my Appointment?

It is best to be well hydrated, well rested and recently showered. We recommend having recently eaten and being dressed comfy & appropriately for your tattoo. 

When dressing for your tattoo consider that what you will wear has a chance of getting ink on it during the tattooing process so we recommend not wearing your favorite outfit.  

Another thing to keep in mind with your clothing, is if the area you are wanting to get tattooed is easily & comfortably accessible by your tattooist. Usually, loose clothing is much easier to work with than tight clothing.Here are some common recommendations.

-Dressing for your tattoo appointment-

Shoulder/Collarbone/Neck, or Upper Chest Tattoos -  For our guys the shirt is usually just removed, for our gals we recommend a spaghetti strap tank top or tube top , depending on the size & placement of the tattoo we will usually have you remove the straps on the side were working on. 

Arm Tattoos - T-shirts or tank tops.

Sternum Tattoos - To stay warm we definitely recommend a button-up, flannel, or cardigan. Any bras will have to be removed & pasties are used.

Sticker pasties can be provided to our ladies for free!

Side Tattoos - Depending on placement, the go-to outfit for female side tattoos is a pair of clean sweats and a loose or flowy top. Sometimes shirts may be rolled/taped up and pants will be rolled down and tucked with a medical bib. Bras should be removed, but pasties can be worn to avoid any nakedness if desired. For men the shirt is usually completely removed.

Back Tattoos-  Again for our male clients who are comfortable with it usually the shirt is just taken off, however for our ladies and anyone who wants to be extra cozy, we highly recommend the 'Backwards Flannel' or cardigan method. 

Hip Tattoos -  Side-slit maxi dresses are a hip tattoos best friend.

Calf/Ankle/Thigh Tattoos - Shorts are usually best for these locations, length depending on placement. Ankle - Capris , Calf -Knee-Length , Thigh - Short/Mini

Foot Tattoos - Wearing flats or sandals provided straps do not rub the area you're getting tattooed. We don't recommend boots or tennis shoes as they are tight and a bandage will be applied at the end of your tattoo procedure.

All our artists & staff are highly trained professionals and see a lot of skin. However if you are getting a tattoo in a sensitive area, and prefer being more tucked away, we are happy to book you in a private procedure room, please talk to your artist about this when scheduling as it may not be available all days of the week.

10. Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist? 

In tattooing, like any service industry, tipping is a customary way to show your artist appreciation for their hard work & service well done. We will always do our best to provide all of our clients with a comfortable, exceptional and professional service. 

Tipping is not required, but always very much appreciated! For those who ask us what is considered a 'normal' tattoo tip ,the industry standard usually falls between 10%-20% but is entirely up to the client based on their individual experience.

The short answer here is no.  The health and safety boards who govern us do not allow for any human remains legally to be mixed into tattoo pigments or applied to skin. The thought is that metals from any fillings/or surgical implants or unknown particles could be toxic to the receiving party. We recommend commemorating a loved one with a meaningful memorial tattoo instead. 

11. Can I bring in my loved ones ashes to be put into my tattoo?