-Career Opportunities-

In-House full/part time & guest positions for professional tattooists, permanent makeup artists, and piercers are available to licensed artists that are the right fit for our team. 

We are happy to accept guest artists & permanent makeup artists throughout the entirety of the year! However if planning a visit to our lovely town, May-Sept is not only our busy tourism(walk-in) season, but Ketchikan's outdoor activities/gorgeous scenery are peaked during this time of year, with many more hours of daylight to enjoy the endless wild!~

Any artists/guest artists must already be licensed in Alaska, OR qualify to obtain a reciprocal license/temporary 'courtesy' license from the State of Alaska Board of Barbers & Hairdressers. This must be acquired before any services are done at Alaska Ink, Applicant is responsible for any associated state fees. Up to date Bloodborne Pathogens Training & (In person) CPR/First Aid Certifications are required per the board. 


Please Submit the Alaska Ink Artist application to us via our email alaskaink@gci.net

once an application is accepted by Alaska Ink, correct licensing must be provided or obtained by the approved applicant.

This is done by either already having a valid Alaska State Tattooist License, or by submitting the correct State of Alaska License application to the state board at the address below,(30 day or 31+ days) complying with mandated requirements~ .  

                   Barbers and Hairdressers Program State Office Building, 333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor PO Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806

House Cut -  Our ‘shop cut’ is 50%  and includes many of your supplies as well an equipped station in the facility.  *35% for international artists (up to 90 days) to assist in travel costs.

-Supplies Provided-

  • Clean Room equipped with professional Ultrasonic Cleaner & Autoclave w/necessary chemicals & assorted sized autoclave bags. 
  • Madacide & Green Soap on Tap. 
  • Wfi, Wireless Printer, Thermal Fax, Stencil Paper & Light Tables
  • Rubbing Alcohol, Dental Bibs, DriLoc Pads, Rinse Cups & Ink Caps.
  • General Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Client Waivers, & aftercare instruction cards. 
  • A&D, Saran Wrap, Paper Towels, & Black Nitrile Gloves. SM, MD, LG 
  • Alaska Ink's Color Bar consisting of over 120 ETERNAL INK colors.  We are happy to make travel easier & provide guest artists complete access to our inks, however we only carry Eternal brand ink, any other inks needed must be brought or shipped ahead. If there are specific colors of Eternal Pigment you need for your art, please ask us to check to make sure we have it.



Supplies/Orders can be shipped ahead of time to the shop, please ask us for mailing address & arrangements.

  • Our stations are equipped with a barbers chair, flat massage table, or regular adjustable tattoo chair depending on artists daily need. Stations are also provided with sharps containers ,  equipment trays, arm rests & stools. 


Please bring all other supplies you will need for tattooing/permanent cosmetics/piercing including machines, power supply, needles & other inks.


When Planning Travel:

  • Ketchikan only has one airport option - Airport Code: KTN ~ Most direct flight is approx 1.5 hours from SeaTac/SEA. 


-Tattoo Apprenticeships -

We will be opening our next apprenticeship position July 20th, 2018.

Application deadline is Wednesday July 11th by 8pm & can be turned in to the shop during business hours any day up until then.

Interview callbacks will take place several days later.  Applicants must bring a personal art portfolio to the interview consisting of at least 10 original pieces.

*Official application openings & deadlines are announced via our Facebook & on this website. Applications may be turned in at anytime, however all applications will be held for review after the 2018 deadline date.