-Career Opportunities-

In-House full/part time & guest positions for professional tattooists, permanent makeup artists, and piercers are available to licensed artists that are the right fit for our team. 

We are happy to accept guest artists & permanent makeup artists throughout the entirety of the year! However if planning a visit to our lovely town, May-Sept is not only our busy tourism(walk-in) season, but Ketchikan's outdoor activities/gorgeous scenery are peaked during this time of year, with many more hours of daylight to enjoy the endless wild ~

Any artists/guest artists must already be licensed in Alaska, OR qualify to obtain a reciprocal license/temporary 'courtesy' license from the State of Alaska Board of Barbers & Hairdressers. This must be acquired before any services are done at Alaska Ink, Applicant is responsible for any associated state fees. Up to date Bloodborne Pathogens Training & (In person) CPR/First Aid Certifications are required per the board. 

House Cut -  Our ‘shop cut’ is 50%  and includes many of your supplies as well an equipped station in the facility.  *35% for international artists (up to 90 days) to assist in travel costs.

-Supplies Provided-

  • Clean Room equipped with professional Ultrasonic Cleaner & Autoclave w/necessary chemicals & assorted sized autoclave bags. 
  • Madacide & Green Soap on Tap. 
  • Wfi, Wireless Printer, Thermal Fax & Light Tables
  • Rubbing Alcohol, Dental Bibs, DriLoc Pads, Rinse Cups & Ink Caps.
  • General Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Client Waivers, & aftercare instruction cards. 



 Supplies/Orders can be shipped ahead of time to the shop, please ask us for mailing address & arrangements.

Items that can quickly be purchased locally - A&D, Saran Wrap, Paper towels. Black Nitrile Gloves can be purchased locally Mon-Friday*

Please bring all other supplies you will need for tattooing/permanent cosmetics/piercing including machines, power supply, needles & inks.

  • Our stations are equipped with a barbers chair, flat massage table, or regular adjustable tattoo chair depending on artists daily need. Stations are also provided with sharps containers ,  equipment trays, arm rests & stools. 

-Tattoo Apprenticeships -

We will be opening our next apprenticeship position in approximately the Summer/Fall of 2018.

Official application opening & deadlines will be announced via our Facebook & on this website. Applications may be turned in at anytime, however all applications will be held for review after the 2018 deadline date.