In-House Artists

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Megan Flora


Hourly Rate: $125

Megan is a born and raised Alaskan who grew up in a tattoo shop honing her art skills from a young age. She now owns Alaska Ink & has been a full time tattooist for 4 amazing years. 

Her style encompasses anything nature related, with a soft neotraditional take on florals, botanicals, critters, fungi & minerals and is known for her intracate linework and delicate, earthy color pallets. 



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Jessie Jean 

Hourly Rate: $80

Born & raised in Virginia, Jessie attended art school for graphic design & illustration with an emphasis on scientific & botanical drawings.

After graduation she started her  tattoo career in Texas, gaining a year and a half of experience. Later moving to Alaska she completed an additional year of training at Alaska Ink. Jessie finished her apprenticeship & passed the Alaska State exam achieving her Tattooist licence in the Winter of  2017. 

Jessie loves traditional, neotraditional, & geometric styles inspired by nature, science & anatomy, as well as the classic 'pin up'.  


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Rodney Dial

Hourly Rate: $100

Rodney is a lifelong Alaskan who has been crafting tattoos at Alaska Ink for 10 over years. He founded Alaska Ink with his wife Lisa in 2007, & began professionally tattooing as a creative outlet from his career as an Alaska State Trooper. The passion stuck, & after retiring from  AST after a 26 year long career, continues to bring art & individuality to his living canvases. Rodney utilizes traditional iron machines and specializes in old school traditional, water color, native and tribal designs.