Appointments can be made through email, or in person at the shop.

However, for all new pieces we do prefer appointments be made over email at-

This helps keep all of your information and correspondence paired with your references. If an artist is not requested we have all of our artists review your inquiry and pair you with the tattooist most suitable for your piece. In some occasions we may suggest a different artist than requested if the staff & artists agree they are more suitable to achieve the highest tattoo quality possible or if the requested piece is not specialized in or taken on by the preferred artist.

Some artists may have longer waiting lists based on demand, if no artist is specifically requested we will pair you with one qualified for your tattoo, this usually means we will be able to get you in sooner with more artists schedules to choose from. 

For each appointment inquiry email we ask that you include/fill out the following information:

1. Please include your first and last name as well as a phone number. Please give us a brief description of your work schedule, travel dates or days/times to work around for scheduling your appointment date.

2. Please include your preferred artist if you have one.

3. Describe the concept of your tattoo, please include enough information to explain your idea in its entirety. 

4. Include general preferred size, & body placement, as well as if you would like your tattoo in black and grey or color.

5. Attach any images or references needed to convey your idea.

Please include any questions or notes your artist may need.

We recommend booking about 6-12 weeks out in our busy seasonal tourism months. May-September, and 4-6 weeks out October-April. Guest artist books are usually opened several weeks before travel dates, and announced on our socials(Facebook & Instagram)as well as this website in the events page. 

Larger tattoos require longer time slots, which means we may be able to get smaller tattoos in with less wait time than large ones. 

We will either follow up with more questions from your artist about the piece, or give you a call during business hours to go over scheduling options that work best for you.

Upon scheduling we will ask for a deposit to be placed to hold your appointment, this ranges from $50-$100 and can be done over the phone with a credit/debit card or paid in person. (Your deposit comes off the final price of your tattoo and is non-refunable.)

Reviews are always done as quickly as possible, however please allow up to 10 business days for email inquiry turn around. This gives us enough time to have our artists review your ideas, and see if there are any follow-up information questions that need to be asked. 

Due to high demand we may not be able to take on every project, but will always try to accomadate everyone the best we can.

Appointment Artwork

While clients are welcome to pick out & bring in their own designs, our artists are also more than happy to help bring your dream piece to life with a custom tattoo that is unique to you. 

Artwork preparation is included with every tattoo appointment. Our artists devote unpaid time to meticulously drawing/preparing and researching your piece to be the best tattoo it can be. For this reason, we require non-refundable deposits for every appointment. If a cancellation occurs this helps compensate the artist's empty chair & draw time.  

Generally, artwork will be completed the night before the scheduled booking. Artwork is not sent out before hand to protect the intellectual property of the artist, but enough time is budgeted into your appointment to discuss artwork, and to make any tweaks before starting the procedure. 

Unreasonably large changes to artwork on the day of the appointment may require the appointment be rescheduled to allow enough time for your tattooist to prepare a new design. *rescheduling fees may apply

While references are very helpful in communicating a custom tattoo idea, we like to steer clear of  "copy/paste" tattoos. If you bring in an image of a professional tattooists custom artwork or tattoo, and ask us to replicate it on your skin, this may be considered art theft on behalf of the tattooist.  Instead, for references our artists may ask you what parts, styles or elements attract you to the design and what pieces/ideas you hope to pull from it in your piece. We ask that our clients be open minded about allowing our artists to create a custom tattoo that is composed to it's highest potential unique to them, for a long lasting quality tattoo. 


Any custom artwork made for clients at Alaska Ink, must be completed in the studio by our staff or the original artist themselves. Should you decide not to get the tattoo but have already obtained/reviewed a copy of the artwork, it is protected by copyrights & you may not use that artwork to get the tattoo applied by a different artist or body art establishment.  However, privately through your artist you may be able to purchase your art , allowing you rights to receive copies and permission from them to get the tattoo applied elsewhere. 

Any custom artwork  created in the case of a no show or cancellation, unless agreed upon otherwise through purchase, remains the intellectual property of the artist, and they can chose what to do with it, including but not limited to offering the artwork up to other clients.